“You Go” and “Cotton Wool” by Keston Cobblers’ Club

On Friday, I posted “For, Words” by Keston Cobblers’ Club after seeing it on Lost at E Minor. Since I posted that video, I’ve pretty much been listening to KCC music on a constant loop.

So, on the one hand I apologizing for having no new bands to share with you today; on the other hand, I do not apologize at all because I’ve found plenty of other terrific KCC songs to share that you’ll love, including the two below.

The first, “You Go” seems like the most “single ready” of all their songs, which I do not say pejoratively at all. It just has that kind of quick, happy, catchy beat. Take a listen:

MP3: “You Go” by Keston Cobblers’ Club (feel free to click and download mp3, with permission from the band)


As much as I enjoy listening to “You Go” I think I like “Cotton Wool” even more. The mp3 below is the studio version, while the video shows the band’s performance of the song during their “shoes off” session.

MP3: “Cotton Wool” by Keston Cobblers’ Club (feel free to click and download mp3, with permission from the band)


The band has a number of fun videos available at their YouTube Channel. They are also responsive on Twitter (@KestonCobblers), on Facebook, and through email…which I know because I’ve corresponded with them via all three mediums, and to their credit they replied right away.

I greatly appreciate bands who really seem to appreciate their fans and who go out of their way to show them. I’m sure you feel the same way. It helps us, as listeners, develop a stronger connection to the band, and by extension, their music. Plus, I will go even more out of my way to tell people about them now.

keston-cobblers-clubJulia Lowe is the lovely blonde you see and hear in the videos and tracks above, and she replied to the email I sent lauding the band for their wonderful music and wondering about a possible U.S. Tour. Here is a part of her reply:

…it makes us so happy to know that people are listening to and enjoying our music.  

As for a US tour, we would love nothing more.  at the moment, we are struggling musicians, and just about making the local circuit! but we are so keen to get on the road eventually.  hopefully one day a manager will pick us up and send us around the world, then we will be sure to stop in and say hello.  its people like you that make this so great.

And Julia, it’s people like you and bands like KCC that make searching the web for new music and posting about it well, well worth the time investment.

Every now and then you stumble upon an absolute gem of a band that you’ve never heard of, then can’t stop listening to, and then that you realize not nearly enough people know about.

Something tells me we’ll all be hearing a lot from Keston Cobblers’ Club in the future. Lucky us.

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