“How Do I Know” by Here We Go Magic

I love it when the first song a new IRC Best New Releases playlist is badass. It usually portends good things for the rest of the playlist.

The latest such playlist by IRC kicked off with “How Do I Know” by Here We Go Magic, and it’s a terrific little slice of tasty indie goodness. Listen and enjoy:

MP3: “How Do I Know” by Here We Go Magic

And it has an interesting video to go along with it:

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“Ho, Hey” by the The Lumineers

If you’ve followed this site for a while, you know that I’m a sucker for a good, catchy folk song with good lyrics. “Ho, Hey” by The Lumineers qualifies. It’s a short, lovely little track that will get your foot tapping and immediately have you reaching for the repeat button as soon as it’s over.

Hat tip to this recent New Release rundown at Indie Rock Cafe.

MP3: “Ho, Hey” by The Lumineers

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“Solid Gold” by AU

Been a while, but I’m back. Had to take a little hiatus from finding new music because of some time constraints, but I’ll be finding some new songs over the next several weeks as I get another mix together.

From the latest batch of New Releases at Indie Rock Cafe comes this song by Luke Wyland‘s band AU called “Solid Gold”.

MP3: “Solid Gold” by AU

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“Our Love Is On The Line” by Gary Go

Finally made it back over to Indie Rock Cafe today – it’s been too long since I set aside some time to find new music! – and immediately starting coming across some great songs to recommend to you all here.

Here is the first of many to come over the next several weeks: “Our Love Is On The Line” by Gary Go, which as IRC points out “features a stellar group of musicians, including drummer Deantoni Parks (Meshell N’Degeocello/Mars Volta), violinist Davide Rossi (Coldplay/Goldfrapp), Memphis Horns (Elvis Presley/Al Green) and mixer Ken Thomas (Sigur Ros/M83/Moby).”

MP3: “Our Love Is On The Line” by Gary Go

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“Dimitri Mendeleev” by Astronautalis

Screw it. Forget twofer-Friday, we’re making it a threefer. Further down the IRC best new releases post I mentioned in this post about a great new song by Blitzen Trapper is the song below. Great, great track.

Good luck getting this beat out of your head after the song ends.

MP3: Dimitri Mendeleev by Astronautilis

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“Love The Way You Walk Away” by Blitzen Trapper

Blitzen Trapper has been one of my favorite indie* bands ever since I first heard “Furr” on one of the original Indie Christmas CDs from Nick and Edie. I’ve followed them ever since, and as soon as I heard “Love The Way You Walk Away” this morning at IRC’s latest new release post, I knew we’d be having a bonus twofer Friday.

MP3: “Love The Way You Walk Away” by Blitzen Trapper

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“Weekend” by Class Actress

Since it’s Friday, this seems like the perfect song to end the week…an ode to bringing on the weekend by Class Actress.


MP3: Weekend by Class Actress

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“Dreams/My Rope” by Stephen Hefter

Just caught this track by Stephen Hefter (aka St. Even) over at Indie Rock Cafe. I love the line: “Sometimes I’m sorry that I make friends with old lovers; Sometimes I’m sorry that I make love with old friends.”

Have a listen:

MP3: “Dreams/My Rope” by Stephen Hefter

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“Setting It Off” by Peter Wolf Crier

And we’re back!

After a short hiatus while I was in Indiana helping my little bro celebrate his 21st birthday, I’m back with a bunch of great new songs to come the rest of this week.

We’ll kick it off with a new release that I found here at Indie Rock Cafe.

MP3: Setting It Off by Peter Wolf Crier

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“Bronx Sniper” by Mister Heavenly

Normally we post one song every weekday here at Indie Christmas, but nothing says we can’t post two (or three, or four…) if we feel like it. And today I feel like giving you all a bonus track.

While going through the latest “Best New Releases” post over at Indie Rock Cafe I came across “Bronx Sniper” by Mister Heavenly. It’s outstanding, and I’ve listened to it five times in a row now, enjoying it more each time.

MP3: Bronx Sniper by Mister Heavenly

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