PAPA: A Band You Need to Know About

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything here at Indie Christmas. I apologize for that. It’s not that I haven’t been listening to some good music–I have. But when it comes to recommending music, (or books and movies) I feel like my reputation is on the line, so I wait till I find a band I really really like and am confident most of you will too.

I’ve found that band.

Meet PAPA. A band from California that has become my most recent musical obsession.  [Read more...]

Band of Horses Release New Album Release Date, New Song

Indie folk/country band, Band of Horses, has released the title, release date, and first single (Knock Knock) off their new album Mirage Rock. Mirage Rock is the band’s follow up to their Grammy nominated Infinite Arms and will be released September 18th.

Pre-orders are availble through iTunes and Amazon. If you pre-order it off of iTunes you get the single Knock Knock instantly and am exclusive track entitled Ego Nightmare.

[Read more...]

Two Gallants Announces New Album “The Bloom and the Blight”

Indie rock/folk duo from San Francisco, Two Gallants, announced today their new album titled “The Bloom and the Blight” will be released on September 4th on ATO Records.

This is the band’s first record on ATO records, and their first full album release in five years. [Read more...]

Of Monsters and Men Concert Review – Park West Chicago, IL

Originally scheduled to play at the much smaller Subterranean, Of Monsters and Men’s show in Chicago, due to overwhelming demand, was moved to Park West. The show (along with most of Of Monsters and Men’s other shows) was sold out. The fans came, and they packed Park West wall to wall.

There was a sense of uneasiness in the air, and with good reason. Of Monsters and Men’s debut album hasn’t come out yet- it’s due out April 3rd – so many of the people, not all, weren’t too familiar with the music.

You could tell Of Monsters and Men were a little uneasy too. A handful of times in between songs the band talked about how this was their first time in the USA and technically their first ever tour, so their nerves were a little high too. [Read more...]

Listen to Of Monsters and Men’s Debut Album “My Head is an Animal.”

Of Monsters and Men have arguably been the best new indie band to hit the scene this year. Their debut album “My Head is an Animal” will be released April 3rd, but NPR is allowing you to have a “First Listen” to the album for free.

I’ve currently listened through the first five songs, and I already love it. You can pre-order the album on iTunes now. I don’t think anyone who has been anticipating this release will be disappointed. [Read more...]

“Hey All You Hippies!”- The Low Anthem

I recently attended a City and Colour concert in Indianapolis (an artist that you should also check out), and this band, The Low Anthem, opened up for them. Almost instantly I loved this band, mainly because I have a real soft spot for folk music and bands that you can really tell they love what they’re doing while they’re playing. They even, at one point, played a handsaw with a bow. [Read more...]

Jack White Announces Debut Album, Streams First Single

Indie rock god, Jack White, has just announced that his first ever solo album “Blunderbus.” The album will hit US stores on April 24th of this year. The first single off the album “Love Interruption” is being streamed online for you to listen.  [Read more...]

Of Monsters and Men Release EP and Announce Tour Dates

One of my favorite new bands to hit the US just released their long-awaited debut EP “Into the Woods” along with North American tour dates. The EP contains four songs, including their most popular “Little Talks.” The tour starts in Texas, heads west, then back to Midwest, and finally finishes in Toronto.  [Read more...]

“LakeHouse”-Of Monsters and Men

I was introduced to this band through my best friend. Him and I share the exact same taste and love for music, so it was no surprise that I instantly loved the band Of Monsters and Men. [Read more...]

“Flashes of Light”-Fathom Blue

“Flashes of Light” is the single of Fathom Blue’s first EP “Guides.” The EP is  a great mix of acoustic, lyric-driven music layered with electric guitar and even a harmonica thrown in there. It’s a great example of how story-telling lyrics can be some of the most moving and powerful force in music. [Read more...]