Indie Christmas in the Spring 2012 Playlist

The time has come for a new playlist.

There are few blog posts I prepare and write that give me more pure enjoyment than when I have a new playlist to publish. And this playlist – Indie Christmas in the Spring 2012 – will be the first one that is officially published first here at

(To see previous playlists, which were all published first over at MSF, click here. To learn the background behind “Indie Christmas,” click here.)

Now onto the list, which you an conveniently play right here in your browser simply by clicking on the buttons next to the song names.

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“Someone Purer” by Mystery Jets

As the week ends, I thought I’d share with you the song that has gotten the most rotation on my iPad and iTunes this week.

It’s “Someone Purer” by Mystery Jets. It’s guaranteed to put a hop in your step.

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