Dawes’ “Stories Don’t End” Review

I first found about Dawes from Chicago’s 93XRT radio station. They played their song “Time Spent in Los Angeles” off their sophomore album Nothing is Wrong. I enjoyed what I heard so much I decided to check out the rest of the album. I instantly found one of my new favorite rock/folk bands.

Last Tuesday (April 9th), Dawes’ third album Stories Don’t End  was released in the U.S. I had anxiously been waiting for the new album for a little over a month now. The new single “From a Window Seat” grew on me, and all the excerpts from the album’s other songs had me even more excited.

I’ve listened to Stories Don’t End almost exclusively and non-stop for the past five days, and it has reaffirmed to me Dawes is one of the best kept secrets in rock today. [Read more...]

Two Gallants Announces New Album “The Bloom and the Blight”

Indie rock/folk duo from San Francisco, Two Gallants, announced today their new album titled “The Bloom and the Blight” will be released on September 4th on ATO Records.

This is the band’s first record on ATO records, and their first full album release in five years. [Read more...]

Jack White Announces Debut Album, Streams First Single

Indie rock god, Jack White, has just announced that his first ever solo album “Blunderbus.” The album will hit US stores on April 24th of this year. The first single off the album “Love Interruption” is being streamed online for you to listen.  [Read more...]

Of Monsters and Men Release EP and Announce Tour Dates

One of my favorite new bands to hit the US just released their long-awaited debut EP “Into the Woods” along with North American tour dates. The EP contains four songs, including their most popular “Little Talks.” The tour starts in Texas, heads west, then back to Midwest, and finally finishes in Toronto.  [Read more...]

“Flashes of Light”-Fathom Blue

“Flashes of Light” is the single of Fathom Blue’s first EP “Guides.” The EP is  a great mix of acoustic, lyric-driven music layered with electric guitar and even a harmonica thrown in there. It’s a great example of how story-telling lyrics can be some of the most moving and powerful force in music. [Read more...]

“Believe in Yourself”-Brad

The band Brad formed way back in 1992 in Seattle. Each band member brings their own style and influence, most notably the lead vocalist, Shawn Smith, who’s distinct voice is the major factor of Brad having a different and distinct sound compared to other American rock bands. [Read more...]

“Milk Thistle” by Conor Oberst

Conor Oberst has been in the indie music scene since the age of 13. His career as spanned almost 20 years now with many different bands and musicians, most noticeably M. Ward. His main band is Bright Eyes, but Oberst has had a lot of side projects such as the Mystic Valley Band and the his punk band, the Desaparecidos.

This song-Milk Thistle- comes from his 2008 self-titled solo album. The video is a really special treat of Oberst playing “Milk Thistle” on a couch. It’s a very simple performance, but Oberst is able to add emotion to the great lyrics.
[Read more...]